Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our Boiler Monkey engineers are professional, experienced and Gas Safe certificated heating engineers.

No, but we are working on it!

No, our engineers will always protect the surfaces and areas where they are working and leave the area clean and tidy once work is complete.

Most of our installations will be completed within 1 day, if you’re converting from one type of system to another (for example; conventional system to combination boiler), this tends to take 2 days.

Yes, all boiler warranties are subject to an annual boiler service which you’ll have to ensure is completed each year. Make sure the engineer fills in the servicing section of your benchmark book.

This is your manufacturers’ instructions; within it you’ll also find the service log and the commissioning details. It’s important to keep this document safe!

Just ensure that the area around your boiler is free from any clutter so our engineer can start straight away.

We’ll brick up your old flue hole as part of the installation, any re-decoration required inside the property is not included unless detailed on your quote.

A flue is the pipe that attaches to your boiler which takes away the products of combustion from your boiler and deposits to outside, room sealed flues also allow the flow of air into the boiler which is needed for combustion. A new flue will always be fitted with your new boiler and is included within the package.
System filters are designed to help protect the internal components of your boiler, most filters have a magnet inside which catches any metallic debris which may present in your system.
Firstly, refer to our support page. If the issue you have is not detailed within this section of the website or you are still having issues, call us or your boiler manufacturer.